Billy Parker’s Biography & Discography

DSCN6588 Before CropBilly Parker is one of Phoenix’s most diverse and talented musicians.  A freelance artist, he is adept at several different styles of music including Bluegrass, Western Swing, Jazz, Celtic, and Americana and moves fluidly across genres with exceptional technical skill and unmitigated creativity. With nearly 40 years of experience under his belt, Parker brings passion and style to every project he is a part of. He has played next to music legends like Bill Monroe, Faron Young, David Grisman, and Nils Lofgren and has worked the local circuit extensively with over 40 releases throughout his career in Montana, Oregon, and Arizona.   As a former member of Southern California Bluegrass band Lost Highway as well as a number of other bands within the Celtic, Western Swing, and Americana scenes, Parker has traveled extensively, playing festivals throughout the United States.

Parker’s diversity, creativity and dedication are that of a true professional.  Billy has a unique talent of adapting the mandolin seamlessly into a wide range of musical projects and improving the quality and interest of sound for each artist or band he works with in a tasteful and exciting way.  This is clearly evidenced by looking at Billy’s performance schedule; He is frequently busy and well-known as “first call” for many bands needing a reliable addition to fill a spot, often at the last minute.  His sense of the dynamics and language of music in concert with his ability to read other musicians helps propel the music to a higher sound, delighting audiences wherever he plays.DSCN6382

Billy is currently in process of releasing his own set of original works on mandolin, as well as some interesting collaborations with other musicians in a style he refers to as “Mandobilly Gravy”.

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Billy’s Discography

or search YouTube for Billy performing various forms of music. Here are a few.
Tramor in the Desert Garden
Music from the movie Latcho Drom
James Reams Band in Albuquerque