Bob Denoncourt’s Biography & Discography

Bob not only plays bass, but is a talented vocalist who can sing harmony parts in addition to lead vocals.
Bob has played several different styles of bass. He began with a Kay upright bass then went to a fretless electric bass for more mobility on stage. He continued playing acoustic and electric with various bands and then went to a five-string acoustic electric when Copper River was formed. With new technology making the blend of wood and electronics sound more acoustic in upright electric basses, he went with an Eminence Upright Acoustic Electric four string. He has downsized again and is now playing a Kala U Bass.



He had an early interest in music, as his mother was a huge big band fan. In particular, she really liked drummer Gene Krupa. Therefore, it was not surprising that Bob’s first “instrument” was a set of drums. What a lucky break for a kid to have a mom who loved drums. To this day, he can “name that tune” when he hears a big band song.
When Bob was in the Navy, he played drums in a jazz combo.
Bob started his Bluegrass career shortly after he met Sam and Bobby (Thibodeau) Tidwell.  Assuming that Bob could keep time, he was designated the new bass man but until that point had never touched a stringed instrument.

While on the East Coast, he played with Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys and filled in for Bobby T with Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys. In Maine he played with award winning bands including the Kennebec Valley Boys, Bluegrass Supply Company, Back Porch Bluegrass, Northern Valley Boys. The Kennebec Valley Boys generally were the back up band for Canadian fiddler Simon St. Pierre.
Out West, he performed for several years with High Strung from the Reno area after working with the Titan Valley Warheads for five years in Tucson.
More recently, back in Arizona, he was a founding member of Copper River and X-Train and has performed with Traditional Bluegrass while also filling in on bass with the Titan Valley Warheads who are still going strong after more than 30 years.

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