I’ve Seen You Before, Haven’t I?

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Bob, Joe Val, and Bob French at Smokey Greene’s festival in Upstate, NY. Bob filled in on bass when Bob Tidwell was unavailable. Val was in the right place to become involved with the bluegrass boom among the region’s university and college students in the 60s. He played and recorded with the Bill Keith -Jim Rooney band, and with the Charles River Valley Boys. He comfortably accommodated contemporary shifts in bluegrass but he never lost his preference for the traditional form.
Sawmill Road at Huck Finn. Sawmill Road, the mega-talented West Coast Bluegrass band was made up of five seasoned pros. The group released a pair of excellent recordings (Sawmill Road and Fire On The Kettle) while they were active. The band featured Steve Spurgin on bass, Mark Miracle on mandolin, Dick on banjo, Doug Bartlett on fiddle, and Charlie Edsall on guitar.










Peter McLaughlin made a guest appearance with the Tucsonics at Monterey Court in Tucson. That’s Alvin on Lap Steel

Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys featured on Good Morning America. Banjo virtuoso Don Stover formed his own group, the White Oak Mountain Boys, and had also issued his classic album, Things In Life.
Copper River Band at the Havasu Landing Bluegrass Festival. Jim Govern couldn’t make it, so Erik Thomas filled in. Erik, Thomas Porter, Bob, Dick
Another many of many talents. When Alvin can take a break from working the sound booth, he joins in on stage. Today, it’s the Dobro.
Titan Valley Warheads at Al Smith’s Pub, Tucson – Early ’80s Peter McLaughlin, Gary Kuitert, Bob, Don Johnson
Copper River Band at Blythe 2011 Thomas Porter, Dick, Doug Bartlett, Jim Govern, Bob
Traditional Bluegrass. Millie couldn’t make it, so Bob played bass. Coolidge American Legion where the guys played to benefit the Veterans Outreach Program. Bob [Navy], Doug Piper [Air Force], Ray Foster [Marines] and Dick [Navy AND Air Force]
Traditional Bluegrass Blythe 2016 Dave Brinkman, Ray Foster, Doug Piper, Millie Vannoy, Bob, Dick
Lost Highway played a benefit Reno 2003 Dick on banjo
The Tucsonics at Monterey Court in Tucson. Alvin on Lap Steel
Alvin, another musician who is comfortable with any genre plays at the Tucson Folk Festival.
Lost Highway Dick on banjo
Bluegrass on the Beach Parker, AZ 2004 Ron Stuart, Randy Graham, Roger Bush behind Randy, Dick, Dave Parmley, and Laurie Lewis.
Copper River Band – Arcosanti 2011 Jim Govern, Doug Bartlett, Thomas Porter, Dick, Bob
High Strung Band based in Reno, NV Charlie Edsall, Bonnie Ludwick, Bob, Matt Smith. Notice that Bob is playing mandolin. Bonnie only plays bass and guitar and Charlie had dibs on guitar. Bob wanted to learn mandolin, anyway.
X-Train in Auckland, NZ at The Bunker. Mark Miracle, Bob, Ross Nickerson, Peter McLaughlin Over the years the peak and upper slopes have housed a signal station for shipping,[3] artillery emplacements, farmland, and various concrete army bunkers, some from as early as the 1870s. One bunker now serves as the venue for the Devonport Folk Music Club.
Alvin at the Old Blue Sound sound booth.
Dick called up to do a couple of songs with the late James King. Kevin Prater is on mandolin.

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